Welcome to Erickson Laboratories


We are genuinely concerned for the well-being of our patients after the loss of an eye and strive to offer an environment that is sensitive to the differing needs and range of emotions patients may have. We are committed to creating the highest quality ocular prostheses for patients. We work diligently to ensure a beautiful cosmesis, comfortable fit and maximum motility. It is our privilege to be a small part of this journey of restorative care to our patients.

Patient Testimonials

You helped us understand how to talk to Kate and to help her navigate social situations. You gave Kate so much confidence and are the first person she could relate to. Now we not only have a beautiful shell, we have an understanding and confidence for Kate! You made a scary, unknown situation a special and fun experience for Kate!”
The Bergmans
You guys do a good thing here! I was a little skeptical at first, but it is a good thing. I’m glad I did it.
Seeing the look on my grandfather’s face was what got me the most. He had been blind in his eye for close to 50 years. When he saw that eye for the first time in the mirror, the smile on his face made us all tear up. He was so happy.
Steven Frank
Erickson Laboratories was a great experience. The staff was informative, friendly, and proficient, seeing to all my needs. The outcome was fantastic.
“Going to Erickson Labs was such a wonderful experience. All the staff are fantastic and Amy did the shell for my eye. It’s such a major improvement that no one will ever be able to tell it isn’t real. It looks better than the eye I see out of. I’ve had eye trouble all my life and after many surgeries I lost my right eye and the lid no longer stayed open. Now I feel and look normal thanks to Erickson Labs. Thank you.”
Camille Jassny