There are many aspects of scheduling and insurance coordination that can be vital to get optimal coverage from your insurance company. Communication between our office and yourself is so important. We always need your most up-to-date insurance information, Primary care physician, ophthalmologist, phone number, address and email. It is important to note that insurance companies do not contact us to let us know if your coverage has changed. We are only able to get this information from you.

Our office manager is happy to give you a “best guesstimate quote” after contacting your insurance company. Kim welcomes the opportunity to help if you are in the process of choosing an insurance company to go with. She is always happy to let you know which companies have good coverage or are easier to work with in respects to ocular prosthesis coverage.

It is important to us that all patients are able to have an artificial eye if needed. Our office offers information regarding Care Credit in the event you do not have medical insurance coverage.

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